Tips to increase produce on your AeroGarden

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Jun 16

The entire series of AeroGardens’ by AeroGrow is perhaps one of the most advanced hydroponic systems, which are available in the market today. We on AeroGarden Reviews, have carefully examined all of them and gave you the recommendation for the best AeroGarden that you can buy.

In this article, we share some tips that can help you to increase the produce on your model and we will also give advice on how you can manage the produce in a more efficient way.

You can grow anything on an AeroGarden, but while growing different varieties of plants, it becomes slightly difficult to manage them. So it is important to know the growing habits of various plants, and what different varsities you can pair together.

Be Prepared to Move Them Outside

If you are growing herbs, then you simply have to harvest (prune) them regularly. But if you are growing fruits or vegetables like tomatoes or pepper, you will have to move them out after some time. Tomatoes grow, quickly in the AeroGarden, but once the plant grows, it will become tough to contain it, and this will hinder the amount of light it gets. So how you do avoid this? Well, the best way is to move the plant to your outside garden. After about 4-5months from the date of sowing, you should consider moving your plant outside.

Tips to grow AeroGarden

Herbs grow best inside

If you are considering to move herbs outside, then we will recommend you to drop that idea. In our tests, we have found that the advanced nutrient-rich environment inside an AeroGarden is best suited for herbs. They grow quickly, and quality is also slightly better when compared to herbs that were going outside. Herbs like thyme, cilantro, basil, are the ones that had the most yield when we were growing them on AeroGarden Ultra LED.

Survival of the Fittest 

We have found that a lot of people like to grow the same plant types in different pods. From what we have learned, it is best to avoid this. But if you do so, here is something you would have to do. Similar plant types will derive the same nutrients from the liquid. After some time, you will notice that one of the two will look healthier, and will also be bigger in size. Whenever this happens, it is best to cut the weak one off, so that the healthier one can go freely, and can take full advantage of the nutrients. Nature’s selection can be seen here too. 😉 

Start Nurturing Together 

If you are buying some of the bigger models, you are most likely to grow plants in more than one pods. If this is the case, you should plant them at the same time. The difference between the date of sowing, shouldn’t exceed one week. Similar kinds of plants when grown together, usually have the same size, and this makes it a lot easier, to manage them. However, if you are growing different varieties, like a herb in one and vegetable in the other, then the relative date of sowing shouldn’t matter too much.

Don’t Cover them

Some people make a rookie mistake of covering the plants using a plastic dome. Such domes are recommended for regular indoor gardens, to boost germination. However, the advanced technology of the AeroGarden ensures that germination is taken care off, and you don’t have to take any additional measure for that.

Salads require regular pruning 

Out of all the plant types, salads have rapid growth. So if you plan to grow them, be prepared to prune them regularly. Pruning is required on other plant types too, but for salads, you might have to prune every third day.

Some Pods should be left Empty 

This is usually recommended for bigger models. Models like AeroGarden 7 or Aerogarden Ultra LED, have seven pods and realistically you can’t grow plants in all of them. At max, it is recommended to use 3-4 pods at a time. The reason for this is that when the plants start growing, and their roots get bigger, they can tangle with each other, and this will have a direct impact on the growth. Also, it takes a toll on how much nutrients a particular plant derives from the liquid. Furthermore, If you plant to grow vegetables (or fruits) like tomatoes or pepper, which grow large in both length and breadth, then it is advised not to grow more than three plants at a time.

Keep it Clean 

Finally, the last tip is that you should ensure that your model is clean. First and foremost, change the water regularly, to avoid contamination. Secondly, if you are planting a new seedling, in a pod which was used before, then you should ensure that it has been cleaned thoroughly; otherwise, it can attract fungus or worms. Apart from the that, if somehow you see bugs on the plant, then you should immediately prune that area, and if they still keep spreading, then you would have to get rid of that plant so that it doesn’t spoil the other plants.


So there you have it, these are the tips that can help you to use your AeroGarden effectively and at the same time maximize your yield. If you have stories, to share about your AeroGarden, then you can comment below, and let everyone know about that.

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