How to Grow Tomatoes in a Hydroponic System

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Feb 22

A Hydroponic System is the best solution to all your garden related problems. Don’t have a backyard to grow your plants? Don’t worry, a hydroponic system doesn’t need a backyard. You live in a city with no soil around? Don’t worry, a hydroponic system requires only water, nutrients and air.

It is easy to grow a variety of plants with your hydroponic system and a tomato plant is no exception. In fact, hydroponic tomatoes tend to be better and bigger than the normal soil tomatoes and would definitely taste better. If you want to grow your own tomatoes using a hydroponic system, then just follow these steps:

Set up your Hydroponics System

The first step would be to decide on a hydroponic system if you don’t already have one. There are many kinds of hydroponic system and it is important to make a correct choice, some hydroponics system can grow tomatoes better than the other systems.

You can consider three types of hydroponics system for growing your tomatoes: Ebb & Flow system, Drip System, and NFT System. Once you have determined the perfect hydroponic system for yourself, get it and setup in your home before you start with the growing of tomatoes.

Starting the tomato seeds

Now take a correct soil mix for your tomato seeds on a nursery tray and plant the seeds inside this soil mixture. You can keep it both inside the home or outside. Make sure you adjust the pH level of this soil mixture appropriately and pour in a little water to help with the growth.

You can use a soil mixture of rock wool, coconut coir or perlite which are known to be perfect for tomatoes. Now, cover your seeds with a plastic dome to trap the moisture inside and to help your seeds grow into seedlings.

Transfer the seedlings to hydroponic system

Once your seedlings are ready, transfer them to your hydroponic system with the appropriate nutrient solution and nutrient medium.

Make sure the roots are immersed in the nutrient solution and are getting enough oxygen to grow. Keep a check on the pH level and water level from time to time to ensure a proper growth.

Set the pump timer and lighting

Once you have transferred your seedlings and immersed your plants’ roots in a nutrient medium and solution, you need to set the proper lighting which would act as sunlight for your plants.

Set the pump timer to pump the nutrient solution to your plants in regular intervals and set your plant under the artificial lighting which will help it to grow.

Set the appropriate temperature

Now, store your growing plant in a room with appropriate temperature and make sure this temperature is maintained at all times. Don’t let the temperature become too cold else your plants might shrink and get ruined.

Prune your tomato plants

Tomato plants tend to grow taller which makes it essential to stake and prune them from time to time to ensure that they grow properly and not in a haphazard manner.

Staking and pruning them will ensure that they grow in the upward direction and won’t droop into the nutrient solution when they bear a tomato.

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