Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Bounty Review

The Bounty has a reputation of being the highest yielding Aerogarden. We decided to put that to the test and stretched it to the limit. In terms of yield, it does manage to throw other models out of the park, but how does it perform in other metrics? We have an in-depth review for you, to find that out.

Pros – 

  • Uses full spectrum LEDs which give the highest yield among all the AeroGardens (Perfect for growing vegetables and tomatoes).
  • With a larger footprint, the plants can grow freely, saving you from the trouble of cutting branches and leaves daily.
  • The intelligent machine guides you through the process right from sowing the seeds, to watering the plants, and finally harvesting. (Even beginners can operate this easily).
  • Salads and herbs grow quite rapidly and are full of flavor. (You can eat fresh juicy salads every morning).

Cons – 

  • Nine pods seem too much as more or less you will be using 6-7 pods at a time.
  • A bit heavy which makes adding water are cleaning slightly inconvenient.

Verdict – The highest yielding AeroGarden, recommended if you are looking for high produce, ease of use and power performer for years. 

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Full Review –

Initial Impressions

Right off the bat, we like how the whole device feels. No, we are not saying that in a weird, hold it in your hand way, but the Bounty looks pretty dope sitting on the countertop. Again it is majorly made of plastic, and that takes a hit on the durability of the housing, but this is one common con with every AeroGarden, so let’s say we got used to this.

The vibrant touchscreen, however, is the eye-candy of the whole device. It’s not just about looks but offers tons of nifty features to the user; that makes whole experience simpler.

It features nine pods (instead of 7 used in Ultra LED), but you never end up using them at the same time, and two pods seem to be added just for the sake of it. The reservoir features an efficient pumping action, and it pairs with intelligently mapped LED lighting system for better output.

All this make the Bounty a sort of Spartan of Aerogardens (Not a bad thing to be called)

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Power Efficiency

High Yielding Performance

Just Like Aerogarden Ultra LED, the Bounty uses full spectrum LED lights. As we stated in our Aerogarden Ultra LED review, the red and blue lights particularly help in getting a higher yield and faster flower (fruit) growth. Aerogrow takes that up a notch with a more even spread of these lights (as compared to the Ultra). So what do you get out if this? A higher and much faster yield. This mainly helps if you plan to grow vegetables or tomatoes as they have longest harvesting time.  The pumping action is also improved since now you have nutrients and water is being spread to 9 pods.

Herbs and Greens grow all crazy on this, and after 2-3 weeks from sowing, you have to prune them every second day.


In terms of space, the story remains the same between the Ultra LED and the Bounty. They have the same footprint (17.25×11.25×15.34) and the pole also extends vertically up to 24 inches. The large surface area gives more breathing space to plants to grow and flowers to blossom. You get even lighting across the width of the device, and this ensures that no part of the plant is left out.

The only gripe we have are with nine seed pods. You can never practically use all of them at the same time, and if you do it turns out to be a disaster. The pods seem a bit crammed up, and the added pods are nothing but a marketing gimmick. You pretty much end up using 4-5 pods at a time and put lids on the remaining.

(Pro tip – If you are going to grow different varieties simultaneously we recommend to plant them in extreme corners, like basil in one corner and lettuce in the opposite corner).

No-Brainer (intelligence)

Did we talk about the touchscreen yet? It works like a charm and ranks high on utility too. It displays all the basics like date of sowing, estimated time to harvesting and provides notifications when you need to add nutrients or water. But apart from that, it offers certain gardening tips which help a lot, especially for beginners.

For example, if you plant tomato seeds, you need to start pruning after 3-4 weeks, when the plant height is about 6 inches. Bounty tells you where you need to prune (in the case of tomatoes, near the top). This helps the plant to grow faster.

This way your Aerogarden not only acts as an efficient indoor gardening powerhouse but also coaches you to grow (and harvest) better.

What grows best?

Ok, so what plant grows best on the Aerogarden, herbs, salad greens or vegetables? The first two (i.e. herbs and salads) grow high in volume and quality. The salads always tasted fresh and juicy, and once their sprout time is over, you can get fresh salads every second day. The story remains the same with herbs, but there are issues with growing Cilantro.

But we believe vegetables (especially tomatoes, technically it is a fruit but whatever) take full advantage of the technology. The higher yield that you get in the Bounty helps you harvest a handful of those (which is not the case in another Aerogardens) and the harvest time is also less. If you intend to grow vegetables, then pick the AeroGarden Bounty over anything else as this gives the best growing environment for them.


We would again like to point out that plastic is used for the housing. For the price, we feel that Aerogrow could have done a little better. Sitting on the countertop, though, you will barely feel the effect, though. However, if you want a top notch build quality, then you can go for AeroGarden Bounty Elite, which is essential similar with regard to technology but comes with a stainless steel finish.

Secondly, with a big size you have to deal with added weight too. At about 12 pounds, maintenance and cleaning up gets tedious.

To sum up, Aerogarden Bounty does offer a lot of value, and for a gardening enthusiast, you should try this out. If you are unsure, though, you can try out cheaper versions like the Aerogarden Sprout Plus LED or Aerogarden Extra LED.

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