3 Ways to Build a Homemade Hydroponics System

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Feb 22

Building your own Homemade Hydroponics System like Aerogarden is not only easy but quite cheap too. All you need is a few basic ingredients to help your plant grow and you are all set to go. Would you like to make your own hydroponic system?

There are 3 ways to build a homemade hydroponics system and you can find the instructions for all 3 of them below.

Water Culture System

To create a water culture system, you would need a dark container which would act as a reservoir for your plants. If the container is not dark, you need to paint it black so that the light doesn’t enter inside and cause the growth of algae. Once your reservoir is ready, measure its length and cut the Styrofoam ¼ inches smaller than the size of the reservoir. Now, cut holes in the Styrofoam for your plant pots.

You can create any size of garden and any number of plants, you just need an appropriate sized reservoir and Styrofoam for that. Make sure you create the holes with adequate space in between so that each plant can get sufficient amount of light. Now, get a powerful pump for your reservoir which will provide your plants with enough oxygen. Now, get the correct sized air line and connect it to your pump and attach the air stone to its other end.

Once your setup it ready, fill the tank with nutrient solution and keep the Styrofoam in the tank. Connect the air line to the Styrofoam through the holes and plant your seedlings in the net pot and place the net pot in the holes created in Styrofoam. Turn on the pump and your garden is all ready to grow.

Multi Flow System

For this type of system, again you will need a reservoir and Styrofoam cut up with holes. Place your reservoir on a stable surface. Connect your tank with the PVC fittings and tubes and ensure that your container is designed for a multi-flow purpose, as this will ensure that whenever the water level is too much, the system will turn off. Now just put your netted plant pots in the tank and start growing your plants.

Ebb & Flow System

In this type of system, you will need to place your plant tray on top of your reservoir and you will need to install a drain system in the tray. You can do this by connecting the tubes to the water pump and placing it inside the reservoir so that whenever the water overflows, it goes back into the reservoir and doesn’t spill out. Now, connect your pump timer to regulate the flow of nutrient solution. Place your plants in the tray and set the pump timer and you now have a working homemade hydroponics system.

Wasn’t that easy to build? So, what are you waiting for now? Go and get the ingredients and start building your own homemade hydroponics system to grow the plants you always wanted.

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